Natalie Curtis Burlin Center for American Culture Studies


  1. Introduction

  2. Preserving Indian Culture

  3. Angel DeCora and Indian Art

  4. Arizona With Roosevelt

  5. Busoni's Indian Fantasy

  6. African-
    American Music

  7. Defending American Folk Music

  8. Natalie's Legacy

  9. Endnotes

  10. Readings

Source Record

Curtis-Burlin, Natalie. Letter to George Foster Peabody, 16 October 1921.

Curtis wrote this letter to describe the speech she gave to a conference at the Sorbonne in Paris. Her speech was noteworthy for its defense of American folk music. She wrote this letter only a few days before she was struck and killed by an automobile on Rue Montparnasse.

This typescript was evidently prepared by Curtis's friend and benefactor, George Foster Peabody.

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